Tax Preparation


Having trouble with your taxes? At 828 Company, we are a home business to provide personal tax expertise and accounting services. We are happy to answer any tax related questions you may have. Also, we try our best to finish your taxes within 24 hours upon providing us all the required information.

If you are new and would like for us to help you get started, please contact us through phone or by email at the Contact Us page.


Here are the following services we provide:

  • Form 1040EZ w/ EIC w/ State w/ E-File $50.00
  • Form 1040, Sch. A, w/ State w/ E-File $75.00
  • Form 1040, Sch. A, Sch. C. w/ State w/ E-File $95.00
  • Form 1040, Sch A, Sch. C, Sch E. Sch D, etc. (less than 3) w/ State w/ E-File $150.00
  • Fiduciary, Partnership, Corporation returns $170.00

We accept payment by Paypal, credit card, or check. If by check, make your check payable to 828 Company and mail it to:

828 Company
282 Minoru Drive
Pacheco, CA 94553

All completed returns can be picked up, mailed (adds postage fee), or emailed as a PDF file to you.

Electronic filing can be done by faxing Form 8879 and State 8453 with signatures before E-Filing.

Call about our Refund Anticipated Loan Program at (510) 449-5409.

If you have any questions or comments, email us directly at